It’s what was expected, and it’s exactly what happened.


With the 2020 Presidential Election kicked into high gear, all eyes turned to the New Hampshire Primary. The votes were solidified on Tuesday as the results came in.

On the Republican side, President Donald Trump received the win with 86 percent of the vote. Website DailyNews reported William Weld came second to Trump with just nine percent of the vote. Aware of his feat, Trump took to Twitter the next day to pat himself on the back.

“The Fake News Media is looking hard for the Big Democrat Story, but there is nothing too fabulous,” Trump tweeted. “Wouldn’t a big story be that I got more New Hampshire Primary Votes than any incumbent president, in either part, in the history of that Great State? Not an insignificant fact!”

The Democrats race was much closer. Bernie Sanders won the night with 26 percent of the vote. However, Pete Buttigieg was not far behind, with 24 percent of the vote. Both Sanders and Buttgieg received nine delegate votes.

The close race between the top two wasn’t the only highlight. Amy Klobuchar came in third with 19 percent of the vote. She grabbed the last six delegate votes. Everyone who ranked lower than her received no delegate votes. NPR reported Klobuchar’s showing was the biggest surprise of the night.

Both Elizabeth Warren and Joe Biden faltered, placing fourth and fifth, respectively. Warren joined Sanders in arguing against Buttigieg and his cause in a video by The Washington Post. The topic was not a new one, as Sanders’ supporters took to Twitter earlier this week.

Buttigieg was under fire for taking donations from 40 billionaires. According to Business Insider, some billionaires include Netflix CEO Reed Hastings and hedge fund manager Bill Ackman.

Sanders was quick to throw shade at Buttigieg on Twitter.

“This election is fundamentally about whose side you are on,” Sanders tweeted. Under the caption were headlines of Buttigieg accepting donations from billionaires.

Warren seems to share the same opinion as Sanders. 

“If it’s going to take sucking up to billionaires or being a billionaire to get the Democratic nomination to run for president, then all I can say is ‘Buckle up, America,’” Warren said

While Buttigieg may not be liked by his opponents, at least he’s still in the race. News source CNN reported both Andrew Yang and Michael Bennet dropped out of the race for president after seeing results of the New Hampshire primary. 

Yang only grabbed 2.8 percent of the vote, showing his campaign for a universal basic income was not enough. Yang and his followers — known as the “Yang Gang” — are down for the count.

Bennet reportedly went all in during the New Hampshire primary. Considering the fact he received 0.3 percent of the vote and no delegate votes, a dropout was inevitable.

Deval Patrick, despite just edging out Bennet with 0.4 percent of the vote, did not drop out. However, he opened up to CNN. His statement sounded like dropping out is still on the table.

“Diane and I are going to go home and rest and reflect on this outcome and make some decisions tomorrow morning about what the future of this campaign can and should be,” Patrick said. “No matter what, the future of our cause endures.”

The next Democratic primary will be on Feb. 29 in South Carolina. The next primary for both Democrats and Republicans will be on March 3 in Alabama.