APU students share their feelings on Valentine’s day

Valentine’s day comes around every year on February 14. You either love the holiday or you hate it. You either dress up or wear sweatpants. You either have a significant other, or you hang out with friends. You either buy a lot of candy, or ignore the holiday’s merchandise, at least until it goes on sale. 

Azusa Pacific University students seem to all have similar feelings on the holiday.

Ansley Wozab, a sophomore public relations major at APU, shared how she likes to spend her Valentine’s day. 

“Spend Valentine’s day with people you care about, your significant other or your friends, go eat yummy food,” Wozab said. 

Wozab has a point, Valentine’s is about spending time with loved ones, whether it be family members, our best friends or all of the above. It turned out that Wozab was not the only one that felt this way on campus, and many people felt that the holiday should be used as an excuse to spend time with anyone they loved.

A couple at APU had conflicted feelings on the holiday. One of them loves the holiday because they love showing affection for people and giving gifts, and the other thinks the holiday is unnecessary and puts too much pressure on a relationship.

The couple exemplifies everyone’s mindset. Depending on your relationship status, you either love or hate the love holiday.

But why not make the most of it?

You can:

  1. Have a movie night 
  2. Host a dinner party
  3. Have a Galentine’s brunch or spa day
  4. Go dancing
  5. Bake cookies 
  6. Write cards for your friends and family 

Any of these activities are sure to cure your hate for the holiday, and will allow you to give love and be loved by those you love, no matter who they are!

Whatever you decide to do on the holiday, don’t stress, it’s only one day of the year, and you can always just ignore it.