Talent Connect 2020 saw 35 organizations represented at APU.


The Career Center hosted Azusa Pacific’s Talent Connect 2020 on Tuesday in UTCC. The event was geared towards providing students with an opportunity to speak to people in fields they are pursuing. 

Thirty-five organizations were present at the event for students to connect with, including Target, World Vision and the Peace Corps. 

Victoria Leigh Julien, the employer partnership coordinator, said the goal of this event is to get students employed. The representatives at Talent Connect understand the exciting time of figuring out the future. Many are APU alumni.

“We have about half of our employers that are alumni which is really exciting because they get to give back now to their student body,” said Julien. “They love APU students because they loved their time here.”

Joe Tahatcha, an APU alumnus and representative for World Vision, has three years under her belt at the non-profit. Tahatcha got her start in the Career Center on campus. She explained that she walked in to get her resumé tweaked one day, and came out with a clear career path. 

Despite knowing what she wanted to do, however, Tahatcha said finding that job wasn’t easy. She shared a piece of advice for interested students.

“Be adaptable,” Tahatcha said. “Working with an organization like World Vision you are going to be asked to do things that aren’t necessarily in your job description.”

There are a lot of working parts that go into an event like Talent Connect 2020 to make sure each area of interest is catered to.

Career consultant Stephanie Cothran encouraged students to speak to organization representatives with an open mind.

“Don’t judge a company by what you know about their brand,” Cothran said.

Cothran connects students to fulfill their potential everyday, past the Talent Connect event through her role. 

“Sometimes people need a buddy and I want to be that buddy for them,” said Cothran. “They try to do it on their own, and that’s where it gets more difficult.”

Students of all years took this opportunity to network. Lizzy Webb, a sophomore youth and family ministry major, found a local church that is a strong contestant for a summer internship. 

“I got to chat with them and just got super excited about getting more involved in this career I want to start in Ministry” said Webb.