MLB Free Agency is here, enjoy some of my predictions on who goes where

This free-agent season is sure to be busy as high rolling teams are feasting on the league’s top talent. In this article, there will be two answers. The first will be the most intriguing place the player could go, followed by where I think they will end up.

SP Gerrit Cole 

Cole’s 2019 season was impeccable, and he is the front-runner to win the AL Cy Young Award after being the top pitcher in a stacked rotation. His numbers speak for themselves, after May 27th, Cole had a record of 18-0, and recorded 251 strikeouts with a 1.66 ERA. 

Intriguing: Los Angeles Angels 

Cole coming back to his home state makes sense. The Angels have money to spend, and this move would immediately help them get to the playoffs.

Prediction: New York Yankees

Right now it sounds like the Angels might actually be the favorite, but I’ll play it safe and go with the New York Yankees, simply because it was Cole’s favorite team growing up and the Yankees are never afraid to spend big.

3B Anthony Rendon

Anthony Rendon is a top-two candidate for the National League MVP for the 2019 season. FanGraphs shows that Rendon has been the most valuable third baseman in baseball since the start of the 2016 season, including slashing .319/.412/.598 with 34 home runs, 126 RBIs and a 7.0 fWAR in 2019. Rendon became a star in Washington with his calm demeanor leading the Nats to their first-ever World Series title.

Intriguing: Philadelphia Phillies

Can the Phillies take away another superstar talent from the Nationals? The Phillies need a third baseman and are looking to bolster their lineup as well as their pitching staff.

Prediction: Texas Rangers 

It’s hard to see Rendon leaving after winning the World Series, but this is a business and it very well could happen. Rendon is from Texas and he attended Rice University, so this landing spot makes perfect sense. 

SP Stephen Strasburg

The World Series MVP has locked up his first ring last month. Now, where will he choose to secure his future?

Intriguing: San Diego Padres

The Padres are no strangers to making big splashes in the offseason. Two years ago they went out and bought Eric Hosmer, while last year they got Manny Machado. Now that the team is starting to come together, the Padres have a glaring issue – pitching. Since Strasburg is from the area and went to San Diego State, it’s only fitting.

Prediction: Washington Nationals

Strasburg opted out of his contract after winning the World Series with the Nats, but has made it clear he loves D.C. and wants to come back. The Nats have a tough decision to make between Strasburg and Rendon but ultimately, Strasburg is a better fit and will most likely be a little bit cheaper because he is already 31-years-old.

SP Madison Bumgarner

“MadBum” has been the staff ace for the San Francisco Giants for many years and has been a part of three championship-winning teams. That said, Bumgarner isn’t as dominant as he used to be. But, he could help a team looking for veteran postseason experience. 

Intriguing: Atlanta Braves 

Adding Dallas Keuchel certainly helped this young team. I think adding another veteran ace would be interesting. This team has some bright stars, but needs some help in the postseason. Everyone knows how dominant Bumgarner has been in October, so this could be a great fit for both sides. Atlanta needs veteran help and pitching help, so this match might just be perfect for both parties.

Prediction: Minnesota Twins

The Twins have been reported to be after pitching early and often. Bumgarner should be one of their top targets. The Twins are a team that burst onto the scene in 2019 and are looking to add championship pieces to the puzzle. It’s clear to see why they think Bumgarner could be that piece.

SP Zack Wheeler

Wheeler’s upside could be very high. The right-hander showed promise in 2019 and is looking to cash in. It should be a tough decision for him considering what kind of rotation he would be a part of if he stayed with the New York Mets. 

Intriguing: Chicago Cubs 

The Cubs have spent a lot of money on their pitching, trying to recreate the pitching staff they had when they won the 2016 World Series. Wheeler could be a good fit in a rotation that needs a fresh bite to it.

Prediction: New York Mets

I have a hard time thinking that Wheeler would leave the dream rotation with the Mets for somewhere else. I think he believes in the organization’s vision. The Mets rolled the dice on his loyalty and it might just be enough. The Mets need more pieces but re-signing Wheeler could be a good start to the offseason.