Students come to enjoy worship, eat snacks and write love letters

Commuters and residential students alike gathered in Trinity lounge on Thursday, Nov. 2 at 7 p.m. to take part in “A Night of Music, Art and Worship,” an event hosted by Commuter Life.

Two members from the Kaleo worship band, Brody Worrell and Elysee Carreno, performed worship songs such as “Great Are You Lord” and “How He Loves.”

Senior music education major Mickenzie Haan set the event up and said she started planning it two months ago.

“I specifically planned for it to be on Nov. 2 so all commuters could come and have a place of rest,” Haan said. “I have the music and arts majors and freshmen commuters as part of my cohort, so there’s a lot of them here.”

Haan provided snacks and beverages for students to enjoy. She also set up a few tables with envelopes and the stories of people across the country who were going through hard times. Students sat down and wrote love letters to these people to encourage them.

The night of music, art, and worship was intended to be a relaxing space for commuters. Courtesy of Nathan Foster.

There was a table for students to write love letters to people who are struggling in their lives. Courtesy of Nathan Foster.

The event took place in the first floor lounge of Trinity Hall, with students walking by and stopping to listen for a few minutes before going to their rooms. Courtesy of Nathan Foster.

Haan had the idea to have students write love letters to those who are struggling after all that has gone on in the country in the past few months. Courtesy of Nathan Foster.

Amber is one of the people that has been struggling recently. Three students wrote letters to her. Courtesy of Nathan Foster.

Lois was another person who students wrote to. She lost her husband to a heart attack in June and her family has been going through hard times since. Courtesy of Nathan Foster.

Rhianna Pierre, the assistant director of commuter life services, attended the event that Haan put on to support her. Courtesy of Nathan Foster.

Haan provided sparkling water, cocoa, and snacks for students to enjoy. Courtesy of Nathan Foster.

Four students sang along to the song “Great Are You Lord.” Courtesy of Nathan Foster.