By: Tien Thai, Staff Writer

Sabor Latino: LASA Expressions highlights cultural diversity on campus

The Latin American Student Association (LASA) hosted Sabor Latino: LASA Expressions in the Upper Turner Campus Center Friday, Oct. 6. LASA invited students from all ethnic backgrounds to attend, with the purpose of expressing Latin American culture, traditions and spreading awareness about cultural diversity on campus.

The event was hosted and facilitated by LASA co-president and junior business management major Jason Ramirez, who brought the origin and purpose of Sabor Latino: LASA Expressions into the spotlight.

“This event is pretty much to bring together people of various cultures and show them more about the Latin American culture, and to showcase each individual Latin American country and more of our heritage,” Ramirez said.

Additionally, LASA vice president and junior sociology and psychology double major Arianna Real revealed that one of the goals for this year’s LASA Expressions was for people being willing to learn, grow, enrich and cherish the Latin American culture.

“I hope that they learn about our culture and what [it] entails,” Real said. “It’s just a nice way to broadcast what it means to be Latino/ Latina, and what our culture and our people come from. It’s just a little history lesson. Just for people to have fun; I love the turnout that happened this year.”

This year marks the 14th year that LASA has hosted Sabor Latino: LASA Expressions.

“Sabor Latino originated in the first year of LASA. It’s really somewhere to broadcast what it means to us, as Latino and Latina, to empower and teach our culture,” Real said. “So this year, [the theme is] Viva Mi Tierra, and that basically translates to power to my dirt. So it [really means] to embrace where you are coming from, and teach people what it means for your culture to overcome yourself.”

Furthermore, Student Government Association (SGA) vice president and economic and humanities double major Angela Pham explained her passions and interests for LASA Expressions.

“I’m interested in the Latin American community here at APU, and I was curious to see how they celebrate their culture,” Pham said. “I hope to learn more about this population at our school, and I think they are an important part of APU and the culture that I don’t know very much about.”

One of Pham’s favorite parts of LASA Expressions is how it involves the community outside APU.

“I love the way they’ve incorporated the community and the kids from Homework House,” Pham said. “It’s really fun to see them perform.”

Pham said she loved the event and would love to come back next time. All of the music, dances and performances were all very fun. There were lots of great performances, such as the dances from Homework House children, spoken word by Karina Acevedo. They also had delicious food that primarily represented the Latin American culture.

She also encouraged everyone who has not yet heard about the event to come next year and also invite a friend to come along, in order to spread the cultural awareness about Latin America on campus.

“I think everyone should come to LASA Expressions and invite a friend, so that they could spread cultural awareness on campus together.” Pham said.

This event is open to those of any ethnic background, since it aims to strengthen and honor the beauty of a multiethnic community.

The next LASA Expressions will be held next fall.