Cynthia Arroyo | Staff Writer

“When will you be home next?” my mother asked me as she was headed out the door. I rose from the couch to look at her over the island in our kitchen.

“Um, Valentine’s Day!” I said, my boyfriend sitting on the cushion next to me. She looked at me then him; her face displayed an immediate show of disgust and disbelief. I quickly remembered her anti-Valentines Day conviction and added, “I have a dentist appointment!” She laughed all the way to her car.

There are four types of people when it comes to Valentine’s Day. Some, like my mother, scoff at what they deem as an artificial, consumer-driven day of “love.” These anti-Valentine’s Day individuals prefer not to recognize that this day exists.

Then, there are the couples who have had dinner plans for weeks and who bought the perfect gifts for their significant other. 

Then there are the Valentine seekers – the people who are ridden with anxiety during the weeks leading up to February 14th, in search of that special someone. They may take an extra couple of minutes in front of the mirror and slide into the DMs.

Lastly, there are those who have accepted their lone relationship status and plan to seat themselves in front of a romantic comedy with their friends to gorge on whatever is most readily edible.

It doesn’t look like there are many middle-ground people. But, my question is: why not celebrate the people you love on February 14th? Think about it this way: we should be grateful every day of our lives, but we designate one day–Thanksgiving–for a special day of thankfulness. It’s the same with the day of love.

Despite your relationship status, here are six alternative things to do to celebrate love on February 14th.

1) Go for a hike in the morning or in the evening.

Unless you’re a commuter, seeing the sun rise and set is not something you get to experience often. Mix that with exercise and a few friends, and you have a spectacular combination.

2)  Attempt to Bake

Even if you’re sworn enemies with the oven, like me, there is a particular enjoyment that comes with making your own sweet treat. If you are with friends or a significant other, you can do it together!

3) Go see a movie

In a busy week, this is on the bottom of your priorities. Pull it to the top and sneak in some of your own treats.

4) Go out to breakfast

Breakfast is the best meal of the day, hands down– don’t even try to argue it. Go to your nearest and/or favorite place and enjoy the time catching up with loved-ones over a meal.

5) Have a beauty day

Face masks, hair mask and mani/pedis– whether you’re a girly-girl or a not a girl at all, self-care is a must. What better way to do it than with your pals?

6) Write letters to loved ones and send them out

With emails, texts and Facebook posts, physical messages are becoming less common. Take an hour or so to hand-write a few letters to family and friends. They will be grateful for the effort and the words, and will likely save it forever.

Happy celebrating!