With finals around the corner and anxiety on the rise, students gathered to relieve stress at a free drive-in Movie night hosted by Campus Life Crew on Friday, Dec. 2.

Campus Life Crew showed the renowned Christmas classic, “The Santa Clause,” a film about an ordinary man named Scott Calvin (played by Tim Allen) who accidentally kills Santa on Christmas Eve and ends up becoming Santa when his son encourages him to put on the Santa suit.

Christmas classics like “The Santa Clause” are helpful for students to get into the holiday spirit and ease their mind from the tension of finals week, according to Campus Life Crew.

“I think it was a really fun idea. I like movies, and I love hanging out with my friends so I think it was a good combination,” junior journalism major Hailey Gomez said. “Me and my friends went in our cars and stayed close together in the area. We left the trunk of my friend’s truck open and watched from the back.”

Students found that the event was convenient to have right on campus.

“I watch a lot of Christmas movies with my family, so being able to watch ‘The Santa Clause’ here with my friends was a fun thing to do,” junior international business major Melissa Mahurin said. “My friends and I also took a lot of snacks and blankets to the drive-in to make it feel extra comfy.”

In preparation for the dreaded Dead Week, students found it helpful to have this de-stress event in preparation for the difficult week ahead.

“Dead Week is always an extremely stressful time for me because of all the sacrificing I do. I don’t get lots of sleep and I’m super busy studying,” senior journalism major Rudy Reynoso said. “Most of this week has been pulling all-nighters studying and writing papers, so it’s hard to find time for myself. I’m also a commuter, so it sucks driving back and forth. So when there’s an event on campus that I can use to relax, I try to take advantage of that.”