University Village residents mingle and enjoy fellowship during a ‘Waffle Wednesday’ event.
Photo by Jamie Garcia

The Clubhouse in University Village is the place to be for residents, especially on Wednesday nights. The UV resident advisors put together events Sunday through Thursday nights to encourage community and fellowship.

G Court RA and senior business economics major Sean Janas said the almost nightly events provide a great time for people to come and hang out and take a break from their studies.

“In efforts to build community in the village, we have one thing each night in the Clubhouse to bring people together and so residents can come in and have something to eat,” Janas said.

Janas usually works Monday nights when there is a full sundae bar complete with a variety of different ingredients and toppings.

“The most popular is by far Waffle Wednesdays because everyone comes after Kaleo,” Janas said.“There is sometimes a surprise ingredient, chocolate chips or sometimes M&Ms, and residents are encouraged to bring in whatever they would throw in a waffle. It’s a fun atmosphere.”

Since the Village is filled with older students who have often already established their friendships and place at APU, these evening events provide a way to encourage new relationships.

The Clubhouse has a laid-back atmosphere, and there are always a few RAs on duty to chat and relax with residents.

“I mean when you offer free food to a college student, it’s enough incentive a lot of times to get out of the apartment just for a few minutes,” Janas said.

Junior applied heath major Jasmine Seider comes to the Clubhouse almost every week for Waffle Wednesday.

“It’s pretty awesome because it’s a free waffle and free food is like a college student’s dream,” Seider said. “And not only that, but they have chocolate chips and syrup so you can make it even more delicious.”

According to Janas, these weekly happenings will continue throughout the semester and hopefully the rest of the school year, as long as students are willing to come.